Self-Catering Cottage*
*All prices are subject to change without notice.

1ST APRIL 2017 – 30TH NOVEMBER 2017 P 950.00

1ST DECEMBER 2017 – 15TH JANUARY 2018 P 1000.00.

16TH JANUARY 2018 - 15TH JANUARY 2019 P 1100

Please note, according to government regulations, there is a P10 per person per
night charge on all accommodation in addition to the above fees

We Offer

Fully Self-Catering Luxury - Air-Conditioning - Central Location
Perfect for Regional Exploration - Personal Attention - Travel Advice
Comforts of Home - Gorgeous Gardens - Safe Parking

...what more could you want?!

Telephone: +267 625 0114 Fax: +267 625 0414
Private Bag K4, Kasane, Botswana
Email:trish@chobeselfcatering.com www.chobeselfcatering.com

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